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The only BPMN and Workflow Automation App you need. Fully automate, customize and control issues and workflows directly in Jira.

Available for Jira Cloud

Unlock true productivity

Flower is your solution to turn chaotic projects into order and align your team perfectly. But, if no one knows what to do and goals delay, then Flower Workflow Automation is what you need.

Create and control workflow automations

Save time and reduce errors by automating Business Processes and Jira workflows. Turn every process effortless into an automated workflow and let Flower create the needed issues in Jira. Stay up to date with the built-in status workflow graphic.

Plan and model the workflows you need

Reduce overhang and unnecessary steps in your workflows using the BPMN Process Modeler. Organize your Business Processes on a small or enterprise-scale directly in Jira and find what you need to succeed with your workflows.

Use forms to collect data and enhance your workflows

The drag & drop form builder accelerates evaluation and decision-making within workflows and processes. It enables you to quickly collect and evaluate data from everybody involved in a workflow.

Benefit from

Less Workload

BPM frees up your team's resources. Put your attention to important tasks instead of tedious routine work. Then, imagine what you could do with those freed-up capacities!

Less Errors

Miscommunication and repeated routine processes increase the likelihood of errors. The less you know, the more errors occur. Flower provides data to analyze and improve your business processes.

Happy Team Members

Get people who want to succeed and love what they do. So they do what they do best instead of boring routines, which automation should do.


No need for another software in your stack. Stay directly in Jira and automate your processes from there.

Unlock true productivity

This is your solution to turn chaotic projects into order and align your team perfectly. If no one knows what should be done at which time and goals are not achieved on time then Flower Workflow Automation is what you need.

For Process- Owners, Managers and agile Teams

Made for people who own and understand the processes. Design processes with your goal and your team in mind.

Designed by agile workflow experts

A team of certified Agile Alliance experts who think and design both “digital” and “real”. Designed by professionals – for professionals.

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Workflow Automation and BPMN for Jira

Founded in 2012 in Munich as Bauer IT, Flower has its roots firmly established in agile software development and business process automation. They produced the first-ever paid add-on for Jira Cloud - the popular User Story Map PRO – which consistently lists within the top 15 best-selling Jira add-ons on the Atlassian Marketplace. At Flower, we live the agile methodology!

Trusted by more than 1100 customers in over 39 countries

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Flower is a very practical app to expand the workflow options in Jira. The application is very easy to use and you quickly have the first successes. With the function of the Swimlane assignment, the relevant experts can be directly involved.Once understood, the tool is very easy to use. Great work!

Henning Braun - Process Manager
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We started to use Flower in various enterprise processes within our company and are very happy with the way it integrates into existing business processes. Because it's deeply integrated into JIRA it works out of the box for all employees and partners without further explanations.

Ilir Aga - Software Developer
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Now that Flower is tied with Zapier, it's even more useful! Before we were not able to automate our workflows. The tool is very easy to use. All in all, a very good tool that's cost-effective and would recommend to anyone trying to create workflows.

Michael Moore - Jira Expert

Flower is the one Jira App you need

Unlock the full power of Jira by bringing your BPMN processes and workflows directly to the tool your team uses already. Deeply integrate and automate your workflow for all possible tasks. As a result, reduce errors and time-consuming todos to the minimum and free your team's resources.

Easy-to-Model BPMN Processes

Flower provides an easy-to-use BPMN Process Modeler for the organizational management of business processes at an enterprise scale. All in One - fully integrated into Jira.

Easy-to-Build Form & Layout

A state-of-the-art Form Builder to create both: form and layout! Drag & drop a massive set of form components and manage permissions and visibility.

Fully Automated Task Creation

Every process turns into an automated workflow with Workflow-Automation by creating a Jira issue for each process activity. The real-time status is highlighted in a workflow graphic and attached to the issue view. Easy start: There are a ton of templates for standard business processes within the template library. Choose your template and start directly or adjust a template to your specific needs. It doesn't get easier than that.

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Easy start:

There are a ton of templates for common business processes to choose from. Choose your template and start directly or remodel a template to your specific needs. It doesn't get easier than that.

Automated Workflows get done on time

Communication is the most important thing when working with teams on any scale. Or communication is the cradle of problems. If communication is automated, everybody knows their open tasks and what the team did already. No need for disaster meetings or something like that. Finally.


We live and breathe the agile methodology. It is everything we stand for. Therefore we know what is essential in BPMN Process Automation and constantly optimize the functionality of Flower Workflow Automation.


Starting with BPMN is very easy. If there is anything you don't know, just ask, and we will answer. Just contact our fantastic support, and we will help you as quickly as possible in English or German.


Connect the apps you use already to automate your work and be more productive. Flower integrates with Zapier - it's a breeze to connect to your whole stack of tools in a blink of an eye.

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To help you test and understand if this fantastic plugin is the right match for you and your team, you can get a fully working plugin for testing purposes for free. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team, and they'll help you out.

Free up your team’s workforce and stop doing things repeatedly by hand.