Sign Up Process

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Your Process starts with a new customer requesting your service. For starting your process automatically you can integrate an own interface by using Zapier in order to trigger the process start every time the specific action occurs. In some cases the process might be also started by a Sales Representative manually. Then the Payment Information will be collected automatically by the integrated Flower form or any other tool you integrated via Zapier before. After this step the SaaS agreement will be send to the customer. This will be done automatically by a tool integrated via Zapier. In the 4th step the signed SaaS agreement will be collected from the customer. In the next step the Engineering department will spin up dev, stage and Prod Environments. In the next step a individualized Welcome email will be send to the customer, including a Production link and training material. This will be done by Zapier Integration. Customer Expectations will be set, including required data and next steps. In the next step there has to be made a decision if Production data is available. Depending on the decision you either have to start the Subprocess “Data load process” or continue with the “Sign-up process”. In the next step the KB materials will be send to the customer automatically by Zapier Integration. During the next step you synchronize your customer information with your CRM tool. The relevant information has to be send to the Jira Service desk also. Depending on the requiry of a Data Load you either start the “Post Sales” process or the “Data load” process.