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Sales BPMN Process Models

Flower BPMN templates are designed to help you kickstart and run simple workflows intuitively. Our large library of customizable templates is designed to simplify work.
Post Sales Process

A post-sales process is a series of Jira tasks that you perform after your customer buys a product or service from you. You’ve gone through all kinds of hoops to make someone buy your product. Now that the deal has been closed, does it mean that it’s over? The answer is no. There are several different steps you need to follow to provide a great experience and to make sure you keep your new client happy with the service.

Customer On-boarding

The customer onboarding process is probably the most important stage of the customer lifecycle. While it comes right at the start of their journey, it sets the tone for their whole relationship with your product and company.

Sign Up Saas Customer

The SaaS sign-up flow is the process that consists of the collection of necessary data from customers, setting them apart in your user base, authenticating the user’s identity, and then assigning the roles. It equips the users to personalize their profile as per their choice and be a part of a community.