Jira for Health Care

Jira for Health Care

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Jira Business Processes for Healthcare Companies

Streamlining Healthcare Processes

Flower - Process Automation for Jira provides a single, flexible platform that enables healthcare providers to achieve operational excellence by streamlining internal clinical care processes, improving the patient experience, and making better decisions based on data and insights. With Flower, you can instantly gain visibility into relationships with partners, resellers and distributors and drive revenue growth.

Patient Journey

By streamlining processes, you can support your patients throughout their care journey. Use low-code to model simple and complex cases and orchestrate the flow of healthcare information to deliver a personalised patient experience. Automate processes from patient identification to ethics compliance with Flower - Process Automation for Jira.

Sales & Partner Management

Optimise processes for growth with Flower - Process Automation for Jira. Manage partners better and get a single view of information to drive better sales. Gain visibility and automate processes for contract negotiation, orders, inquiries and pipeline management to drive business success.

Streamline Internal Processes Align care and resources for your members and patients through automation of manual processes and orchestration of your healthcare system and technology landscape to increase efficiency and support staff. Manage access to patient information to ensure compliance and security of sensitive data, and streamline clinical care operations.

360 Degree Feedback
IT Budgeting
Financial Reporting

Undoubtedly, digital transformation and automation are paving the way for the future in healthcare, and Flower Process Automation for Jira is a vital solution to this transformation. It supports end-to-end healthcare operations, reducing workload and minimizing human error while ensuring compliance with a range of regulations. The solution enables healthcare companies to offer products and services efficiently and transparently, earning the trust of their customers, regulators, and stakeholders.

Automate complex Business Processes and Workflows with Simplicity

Mapping single Jira workflows won't necessarily go far enough. Flower Workflow Automation adds the strategic layer to your business process management.

Unlock the full power of Jira by aligning and streamlining your BPMN processes and workflows directly with your team: Every business process turns into an automated workflow by creating a Jira issue for each business process activity.