Jira for Manufacturing

Jira for Manufacturing

Bpm Industry Manufacturing

Jira Business Processes for Manufacturing Companies

Digitise Your Manufacturing Operations

Flower - Process Automation for Jira provides a single, flexible platform that enables you to transform existing systems and processes, increase efficiency across your supply chain and customer service, and accelerate innovation. Respond quickly to market changes and turn every challenge into an opportunity to improve business results.

Supply Chain

Modernise and manage processes across your entire supply chain to achieve the highest levels of efficiency. Coordinate supplier background checks, onboarding and management, order processing and lifecycle management, resource planning and labour optimization from a single dynamic platform.

Quality Assurance

Transform your approach to quality management with digital tools that make it easy to optimise maintenance and quality assurance processes. Ensure product quality with total visibility, predictive maintenance processes, and intelligent alerts that allow you to address issues quickly.

Customer Service

Take your customer service to the next level. Using Flower - Process Automation in conjunction with Jira Service Desk, you can build customer-centric portals with full self-service and digital assistance capabilities to increase and track customer satisfaction. Give your staff dedicated portals to provide after-sales support, manage asset lifecycles and increase response rates.

Sales & Business Development

Gain visibility across your business. Streamline and automate your sales processes and manage your pipeline with a platform that provides device lifecycle visibility, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and personalised interactions at scale.

IoT Automation

Drive innovation by automating processes around intelligent devices. With Flower Process Automation for Jira, you can implement solutions that connect IoT devices, coordinate operations, and use the data you collect to define processes, take predictive actions, extend device lifecycles, and better serve customers. Manage all your products more effectively with alerts and total visibility of maintenance needs.

360 Degree Feedback
IT Budgeting
Financial Reporting

Undoubtedly, digital transformation and automation are paving the way for the future in the manufacturing industry, and Flower Process Automation for Jira is a vital solution to this transformation. It supports end-to-end manufacturing operations, reducing workload and minimizing human error while ensuring compliance with a range of regulations. The solution enables manufacturing companies to offer products and services efficiently and transparently, earning the trust of their customers, regulators, and stakeholders.

Automate complex Business Processes and Workflows with Simplicity

Mapping single Jira workflows won't necessarily go far enough. Flower Workflow Automation adds the strategic layer to your business process management.

Unlock the full power of Jira by aligning and streamlining your BPMN processes and workflows directly with your team: Every business process turns into an automated workflow by creating a Jira issue for each business process activity.