Jira for Insurance

Jira for Insurance

Bpm Industry Insurance

Jira Business Processes for Insurance Companies

Transform Your Customer's Insurance Experience

Move from traditional insurance processes to efficient, paperless, next-generation operations. Flower - Process Automation for Jira provides a single, flexible platform that enables insurers to streamline processes, reduce costs, transform the customer journey and bring new products to market quickly. Streamline your quoting, underwriting and claims processes to deliver a better, more intimate customer experience.

Sales Enablement

Deliver a seamless customer experience by reducing time to quote. Build solutions that support self-service capabilities for straight-through processing, underwriting for complex scenarios, and dynamic document generation throughout your sales processes.

Policy Lifecycle Orchestration

Ensure customers are supported throughout their journey with you. Digitise and automate every aspect of the policy lifecycle, from endorsements and mid-term adjustments to policy renewals and cancellations, and build applications that best suit your business needs.

Claims Handling

With Flower - Process Automation for Jira, you can build claims management solutions that allow you to easily automate processes from initial loss report through to complex claims, fraud management, claim validation and third-party orchestration. Gain visibility and simplify claims tracking with a single platform, while increasing efficiency and improving the customer experience.

Streamline Internal Processes

Automate internal processes for maximum efficiency with Flower - Process Automation for Jira. Streamline everything from approval and review processes, compliance and double-checking, to front and back office coordination, intelligent work allocation and process monitoring.

Business Orchestration

Ensure that processes are fully orchestrated across your business landscape, from straight-through processing to service integration, microservices and complex claims scenarios involving human and system interactions.

360 Degree Feedback
IT Budgeting
Financial Reporting

Undoubtedly, digital transformation and automation are paving the way for the future in the insurance industry, and Flower Process Automation for Jira is a vital solution to this transformation. It supports end-to-end insurance operations, reducing workload and minimizing human error while ensuring compliance with a range of regulations. The solution enables insurance companies to offer products and services efficiently and transparently, earning the trust of their customers, regulators, and stakeholders.

Automate complex Business Processes and Workflows with Simplicity

Mapping single Jira workflows won't necessarily go far enough. Flower Process Automation for Jira adds the strategic layer to your business process management.

Unlock the full power of Jira by aligning and streamlining your BPMN processes and workflows directly with your team: Every business process turns into an automated workflow by creating a Jira issue for each business process activity.