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Most of our FAQs can be found on the relevant pages of the Purchasing & Admin or How-To section. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please reach out to our Customer Support Team and we'll be happy to help.

What does this error message mean?

"500 -Duplicate key" OR "Duplicate field reference error"

The most common cause of a 500 error is when a field is added to multiple tabs on a screen. Jira does not permit this.

You will need a Jira System Administrator as it requires database access.

  1. Follow the steps in this Atlassian Knowledge Base Article (opens in a new tab) to obtain the name of the duplicated Field and its Screen. SQL access to your Jira database is required to complete this process.
  2. Navigate to JIRA Administration > Issues > Screens
  3. Look for the Screen mentioned in the SQL query result e.g. "SSD: Scrum Default Issue Screen"
  4. Click Configure and look for the field e.g. "assignee"
  5. Remove one of the fields from the screen.

In case there are multiple tabs, check for each tab whether the field is called twice.

500 - Internal Server Error

These errors are most commonly caused by an issue on your Jira instance, not Flower. Flower relies on Jira to fetch all its data and doesn't store any of its own.

If you encounter this error, we would suggest your first point of call is to reach out to your Jira Administrator.

503 Error

A 503 error is usually caused by Jira itself being down temporarily. The typically causes of a 503 error is that Jira is down or under heavy load. This can be resolved by waiting or contacting your internal Help Desk Team to flag the issue

400 - A value with ID 'xxxxx' does not exist for the field 'project'

This error is most commonly caused by selecting a project in either Flower settings or at BPMN activity level, that you don't have access to. The most common cause is that a project key has been renamed but it's also possible that access permissions have been changed or a project has been deleted.

First, take a look at the projects selected in Flower settings and then check project and issue type selected in you process model and verify that you can access all of them.

As an example if your process model looks something like this:

Flower Configuration guide

you will need to check that you can load the AGILE project.

Why am I seeing “User-installed apps may not be compatible”?

When enabling a Content Delivery Network (CDN) on Jira Data Center you will be presented with this warning message about Flower. Despite the warning, the app will continue to function unless you have users that use Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) to access the app.

If you would like to enable the CDN and have IE11 users, please reach out to our Support Team here.

How to raise a support request

How to contact Flower

For support with Flower, you can raise a support request here.

Please share screenshots, troubleshooting information and anything else that you think might help us to solve your issue quickly.

Atlassian Community

Ask a question on Atlassian Community, a forum for all Atlassian product related questions. The Flower Support Team (and our power users) monitor Atlassian Community and respond promptly to usage queries. Requests made via Atlassian Community will be responded to on a best-effort basis.

Javascript Console

Here’s how to get a copy of your Javascript console if requested.


Flower Developper Console

  1. Open 'Developer Tools' from under 'More Tools':
  2. Then select the Console tab:
  3. Right-click on the console and select 'Save as...'. Save the file and then attach it to the support request.

How to raise a feature suggestion

Have an idea for our app? Send through your suggestion to our Product Team via support. Click here to start a request.