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Flower app does not come with an own data storage, all data (BPMN models, workflow instances, etc.) have to be saved as Jira tickets. To create a ticket, Jira needs to know project and issue type - therefore we have to tell Flower which values for those parameter should be used for each entity type. Flower handles 3 different object types:

  • The BPMN model is the graphical representation of your process. It is saved as a Jira ticket, which contains all versions of a Flower process.
  • A workflow instance will be created when clicking on the play button at your BPMN model. It is saved as a Jira ticket.
  • It creates a task for each activity in your BPMN model when starting a workflow instance. Indeed, a task is a Jira ticket. By default, project and issue type are used from the global Flower settings, but it can be specified separately at each activity in your BPMN model as well (see Workflow Instances).
Flower Configuration guide

Create a Flower Model

Designing a process model involves knowing your business, understanding the workflow process, planning the workflow participants and designing the task views.

Sample workflows are provided with Flower to get you started quickly. You can use them as templates and learning tools for your own workflows. You can find the list of example process models here.

How to create a Flower model

Learn more about how to use the BPMN modeler

Launch a Workflow Instance

To create a workflow instance click at the "play" button at your selected process model:

How to create a Flower workflow instance

Learn more about how to launch a Flower process instance