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Workflow automation makes complex business processes easier to manage. When a form built, user event, or internal signal is triggered, automated workflows can move or transform data according to your instructions. This hands-off approach helps streamline repetitive and time-consuming work.

Flower helps you to model your process, build your form and automate your process - fully integrated in Jira!


  • When you have just started working with Flower get started in three steps is a great way of learning the basics and getting a short step-by-step instruction on how to model and automate your first Flower Process.

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  • After learning the basics it´s time to dive a little deeper by learning how to use the numerous BPMN elements to model your process. There are also some special cases which are important to know when modeling more complex processes. Find a summary in Workflow Patterns - Flower.

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  • There might be required a lot of information to automate your process.To collect this information you can simply use the Form Builder - Flower.

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  • In some cases you have to dive even deeper. Therefore you can read the Flower Configuration Manual which shows you how to configure all the different event and task types.

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  • Of course, there can appear issues while working with Flower. In order to resolve them as soon as possible you can access Known Issues - Flower to see if somebody has faced this issue before.

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  • Zapier is a web-based service that allows you to integrate all web applications you use into Flower. Our Zapier - User Manual gets you started with helpful step-by-step instructions.