Incident management is the process to restore service quality in information technology. Service quality can be changed by a number of factors, and management of these incidents requires a standardized response. This is a critical part of any ITIL or information technology infrastructure library.

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  • The process starts when the customer encounters a problem with a given process. This customer is known as the user.
  • The user will then report the problem, and a caller will contact the support team responsible for the process. In some cases, the user and caller may be the same person.
  • The incident is reported to the service team. The calls are usually fielded by a help desk. This is the first level of support for an incident. An incident ticket is then made.
  • In order to work on resolving the issues t*hrough ITIL, *second level support members come into play. These support members are internal IT staff with expert technical knowledge. These staff members are ticket agents. If additional experts are brought in, they may be referred to as third level support.
  • Once the issue has been assigned to the appropriate parties who can handle the workflow automation, attention must turn to restoring normal service activity.
  • To start, incident management works first to collect the necessary data to understand the problem. Because this is a part of workflow automation and ITIL, all data is recorded automatically. Therefore, agents will be able to verify the incident and understand its impact. At this point, an i*ncident record is started*.
  • An incident record is designed to track the incident and its resolution from start to finish. Therefore, it documents the nature of the incident and makes note of the attempts to fix the problem.
  • One of the first things the response team needs to put in the incident record is the urgency. Urgency is determined by how many services or users are impacted. Incidents with less urgency will be put at a lesser priority.
  • To move forward, the response team should work on further investigation and testing. It is important to understand all the errors related to the incident and to document any applicable workarounds.
  • Testing will also occur in order to fully analyze and fix the problem with the workflow automation.
  • Once a solution has been enacted, the support team should contact the user to report resolution. Only with this confirmation can an incident record be closed.
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