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Incident Monitoring and Escalation

Incident Monitoring and Escalation is a process within the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework that involves tracking the progress of incidents and escalating them as needed. This process is critical for ensuring that incidents are effectively managed and that appropriate action is taken to resolve them.

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  • First level support is typically the first point of contact for IT incidents. This team is responsible for checking the progress of incident troubleshooting and identifying any issues that may need to be escalated. 
  • They also check for imminent escalation and start activities to prevent it. 
  • Additionally, they check for the entitlement of escalation, and inform the initiator if the incident is rejected or avoided.
  • If escalation is necessary, the incident is escalated according to the escalation procedure. 
  • In some cases, an incident may be classified as a major incident.The Incident Manager is responsible for defining activities for deescalation, inform initiator of escalation proactively, and implement deescalation activities. If deescalation is performed, the incident manager also informs the initiator proactively.
  • In case of a major incident, the IT Operation Team escalates the incident and takes appropriate action. 
  • The Incident Manager monitors the incident to ensure that deescalation activities are performed, and proactively informs the initiator of the status of the incident.
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