ITIL, or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of best practices for IT Service Management. The Evaluation and Selection of New Suppliers is a sub-process of the Supplier Management process and a part of the ITIL Serrvice Design Index. 

The process is a systematic and thorough approach to evaluating and selecting new suppliers. By following this process, organizations can ensure that they are working with the most qualified and reliable suppliers, which can lead to improved IT service management and overall business success.

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  • The starting point of the ITIL Supplier Evaluation Process is when the Supplier Manager gets a demand for a new supplier. This demand could come from various internal stakeholders, such as the IT manager or procurement team. 
  • Once the demand is received, the supplier manager sets out to define the suppliers profile. This includes identifying the specific goods or services needed, as well as any other relevant criteria such as location, size, and experience.
  • Next, the supplier manager checks the company's database for qualified suppliers that match the defined profile. If suitable suppliers are not found in the database, the supplier manager performs targeted market research to identify potential suppliers. This research could include online searches, industry events, and other methods of finding qualified suppliers.
  • Once potential suppliers have been identified, the supplier manager performs a quality check to further evaluate the potential suppliers. This includes evaluating the suppliers' reputation, financial stability, and customer satisfaction. The supplier manager also performs a review of the supplier's products or services, and looks at references from previous customers.
  • After the quality check is complete, the supplier manager creates a selection proposal. This proposal includes a shortlist of the potential suppliers and an evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses. The IT manager then checks the proposal for approval of the potential supplier.
  • Finally, once the supplier is approved, the supplier manager coordinates with the procurement team to establish the new supplier. This includes finalizing the contract, setting up payment terms, and any other necessary steps to establish a working relationship with the new supplier.
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