ITIL Process Controlling is the process of monitoring, measuring, and reporting on the performance of IT services and processes to ensure that they align with established goals and objectives. IThe goal of ITIL Process Controlling is to ensure that IT services are delivered in a consistent, efficient, and effective manner, and that they meet the needs of the business and its customers.

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ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a framework for managing and controlling IT services. 

Process controlling is a process out of the ITIL Continual Service Improvement Index.

The keyplayers in this process are the Process Owner, who is responsible for ensuring that a particular process is carried out effectively and efficiently, the Process Manager, who is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the process and ensuring that it is aligned with the overall goals of the organization and the Continual Service Improvement Manager who is responsible for monitoring the performance of the process.

For Process Controlling there are some key steps to be followed:

  1.  The Process Owner captures performance indicators and uses them to create a process performance analysis.
  2. The analysis will then be used to identify any necessary immediate improvements.
  3. These improvements are defined and a request for change is created. 
  4. The request for change will be used to get approval and funding for the necessary changes.
  5.  Once the changes have been approved, they will be implemented as soon as possible.
  6. Within this process the Process Manager checks for required actions,defines required actions for process performance and hand improvement potentials for planning of CSI initiatives.
  7. The process improvement demand is handed over to the Continual service Improvement manager for planning the CSI.
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