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Service Validation and Testing

The objective of Service Validation and Testing is to ensure that deployed releases and the resulting services meet customer expectations. It is part of the ITIL Service Transition Index.

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Service Validation and Testing is a process of the ITIL Service Transition Index. The Service Validation and Testing process is an important step in the ITIL Service Transition process, as it ensures that new or changed services meet the requirements of the business and are fit for purpose before they are released into production. This can help to minimize the risk of service failure and ensure that the service can be supported in a live environment.

Test Model Definition (by Test Manager)
To specify in detail how the Release will be tested and quality-assured. In particular, this process defines the testing concept and specific test cases to be used during Service Validation.

Release Component Acquisition (by Test Manager)
To acquire the components of a Release and submit them to an initial assessment. This process ensures that only components which meet stringent quality criteria are allowed to enter the intensive testing phase.

Release Test (by Test Manager, Information Security Manager, Compliance Manager,Service User)
To test all Release Components and all tools and mechanisms required for deployment, migration and back out. This process ensures that only components which meet stringent quality criteria are deployed into the live productive environment.

Service Acceptance Testing (by Service User, IT Operator, Customer)
To verify if all conditions are met for the new service to be activated, and to obtain a binding consent from the customer that the new service fulfills the agreed Service Level Requirements.

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