Flower Configuration Manual

You have to hold Jira Administration rights to do this configurations

1. Configuration of Boundary Events

Boundary Event 1

If you would like to integrate Escalation Boundary Events, Cancel Boundary Events or Error Boundary Events you have to follow these steps:

Step 1 - Select "Jira Settings"

Then select the "issue"-Tab

Step 2 - Add Resolutions

2.1 - Select "Resolutions" in the "Issue Attributes"-menu

2.2 - Add a Resolution by typing in a name and description and clicking "add" (E.g. Resolution for Escalation Boundary Event can be named "Escalation")

Boundary Event 2

Step 3 - Add a Status to the workflow

3.1 - Select "Workflows" in the "Workflows"-menu

3.2 - Select the workflow you want to add the resolution to and click "edit"

3.3 - Add a status by clicking "Add status", choose possible transitions to this status and move it by drag & drop

Boundary Event 3

Step 4 - Add a Resolution to the Status by using a Post Function

4.1 - Click on the transition of the status you want to add a Post Function to

4.2 - Then select "Post Functions" in the "Options"-menu

4.3 - Add a Post Function by clicking "Add post function"

Boundary Event 4

4.5 - Then change the "issue field"-type to "Resolution" and click "add"

Step 5 - Assign Resolution to Boundary Event in the Process Modeller

5.1 - Change to the Process Modeller and select the process you want to add the resolution to

5.2 - Select the Boundary Event you want to add the resolution to

5.3 - Select the "Flower"-tab in the detail section and select the Resolution to trigger the Boundary Event

Boundary Event 5